Make time for what matters...

With Mountain Fresh, we pick up, wash, dry, fold and deliver Mountain Fresh laundry, with Love, to our neighbours and small businesses in our community.


Because you have better

things to do...

We can help you to stay caught up, so
that you may spend your time with
family and friends, writing a novel,
starting your dream business or
whatever brings you joy.

The laundry isn't finished until

it is folded and put away...

Finding yourself living out of a laundry basket of clean clothes, wishing
someone would put them away? 
Try the residential folding, hanging
and drawer placement service
to keep you on track.

Free up more time for your business...

Great for health clinics, salons and spas, short term rentals, daycares and
sport teams!

The perfect gift...

Stocking stuffers, mother's day, new baby and more. 


"Stacy came to the rescue this week I saw her in action- incredibly professional, timely, VERY efficient and reasonably priced. The value of having her help one time when that laundry gets out of control, or take 2-3 loads a week off your plate and return to you freshly folded... as a mum.. priceless. Best of luck with your new venture!" - CM

"Booked my laundry pick up yesterday left my laundry out this morning and came home to a clean basket folded better than I would have done. Its my new favourite thing" - EA

"I was over run last week and called to have my laundry done - put it outside in the morning and there it was at the end of the day . Perfectly folded and sitting at my door waiting for me . I've been thinking all weekend how to express how amazing this service was , how awesome it felt to come home and have one massive chore done, how absolutely beautifully perfect the clothes were folded ( nothing ever in my house has been folded like that ever ! ) all I could think of was every person needs to try this out ! Could you imagine having this gifted to you as a new mom !! Seriously does not get better ... It just doesn't . Thank you for this amazing service! 5" - JR

"Just used Stacy's service and aside from her prompt service and professionalism, her folding is outta this world! Seriously you'll love how your drawers look with Stacy's perfectly folded handiwork." - LC