We Are Hiring!

Mountain Fresh Home Laundry Care is looking to empower more people through employment of the following position:


      Laundress/Launderer in:

          - Squamish and Whistler


With Mountain Fresh, we pick up, wash, dry, fold and deliver Mountain Fresh laundry, with Love, to our neighbours and small businesses in our community.


Caring about the client and their belongings is the most important part of our business. They need to be able to feel the love and compassion from your introduction, to the perfectly folded clothes in their basket. They are in good hands with Mountain Fresh.


This is a work-from-home position that is great for stay at home parents or those wanting some extra income working from home. Regular laundry service includes pick-up, sorting, wash, dry, fold and delivery within Squamish and Whistler. We also offer residential folding and drawer placement, ironing, line dry, as well as just a wash and dry service, as requested.


You will need:

 - Criminal Record Check

 - Clean working space with laundry facilities

 - Valid driver's license and vehicle for picking up and dropping off within Squamish.

You are professional, caring, organized, flexible, reliable and motivated to help people.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your employment history by emailing Stacy at